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Roundtable and Governance

The Central Connect Leadership Round Table has been established to provide strategic direction for the Central Connect Program.  It’s members are based on representation from a range of community partners in Tasmania’s Central Coast area.

Below are links to guiding documents and agreed actions.

Guiding Documents

Round Table Meetings

Central Connect Action Groups


A single, sustainable governance model that will support and mobilise community to collectively address community wellbeing concerns and improve connection


A healthy, educated and connected community.


The Community Leadership Roundtable will provide opportunity for local health, education, social care and community service leaders to communicate regularly, collaborate, and share information and resources.

The Community Leadership Roundtable is responsible for supporting the work of the Action Groups in order to achieve outcomes for the community. This includes:

  • Organising resources
  • Decision making
  • Accountability
  • Community engagement

Initial membership will be based on uptake from the existing
Connecting Care Roundtable and Collective ed. Working Group. This
core group will develop and endorse a Terms of Reference and utilise
networks to bring on additional members as required based on
agreed membership groups.


  • The Chair from each Action Group
  • Community representatives with lived experience from agreed local groups and organisations e.g.
    • Aboriginal Services
    • Children and Youth
    • Community Services
    • Disability Services
    • Education and Training
    • Health and Medical
    • Seniors
    • Social and Leisure
    • Support Groups
    • Consumers
    • Local Government
    • Business and Industry.

Action Groups

Action Groups decide how to implement structures, processes, and measures to achieve their specific outcomes.

Action Groups will initially be focussed on Collective ed. Central Coast’s Four Obsessions and Connecting Care Program’s defined outcomes and could include:

  • Young people’s educational attainment and pathways to employment
  • Chronic health, age-friendly community
  • Obesity issues
  • Physical activity
  • Community mental health and wellbeing

Action Groups are established over time as and when the community, through
the Community Leadership Roundtable, identifies local issues and solutions.

Backbone Team

This work will be supported by a Backbone Team. Backbone support guarantees sustainable outcomes by guiding vision and strategy, aligning activities, establishing shared measurement practices, building collaboration, advancing policy and mobilising funding (in conjunction with the Community Leadership Roundtable).

Backbone support will initially be in place from Collective ed. Central Coast and Connecting Care teams.


It is important that this model builds out a shared community agenda and shared measurement system to track outcomes and report back to the community. Based on consultation undertaken by Collective ed. Central Coast and Connecting Care to date, these outcomes could include:

  • Transform individual, community and organisational behaviours and attitudes to assist young people to complete Year 12 and transition to meaningful pathways.
  • Transform individual, community and organisational behaviours and attitudes about identification and management of chronic health conditions and the health system generally.
  • Ensure up-to-date local community health and education/training resources and information are readily available.
  • Promote collaboration and communication among local community groups, education/training and service providers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for the Central Coast

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Health Alerts

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