Advocacy Tasmania

Advocacy Tasmania

‘Your say’ advocacy is all about helping you to be heard and understood.

If you are unable to speak for yourself, or find it difficult, our Advocates can help you.

We can provide information about your rights, and help you to deal with problems or complaints.
Best of all, everything we do for you is: free, confidential, independent and professional! 

What can we help with?

Something you don’t understand.

The way you’re being treated doesn’t feel right.

Not getting what you’re asking for.

Who can we help?
We work with older people, people living with disability or mental health issues, and people who use alcohol or drugs.

How we do it…

Individual Advocacy
You are in control. You tell us what you want to happen and how we can help you. We will provide information and talk with you about what choices you have. We then work out a plan together to sort out your problem.
I need some help?

Tasmanian Elder Abuse Helpline
If you are concerned about elder abuse, phone the Helpline for information. Our Helpline staff can also put you in contact with an Advocate, or help you get another service. We run the Helpline for the Tasmanian Government.
How to contact the Helpline

Mental Health Tribunal Representation Scheme (MHTRS)
If you need help to talk to the Mental Health Tribunal, we can help you have your say.
Give us a call

Rights Education
If you’d like to know about your rights, we can help you. We work with groups and service providers too, helping their workers better understand our clients’ rights.
What are my rights?

Who is your service for?:
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How is this service delivered?:
Phone, Online